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Picidae - Woodpeckers
Subfamily - Jynginae    
  * Red-throated Wryneck Jynx ruficollis ruficollis
  * Red-throated Wryneck Jynx ruficollis aequatorialis
Subfamily - Picumninae    
Golden-spangled Piculet Picumnus exilis undulatus
Scaled Piculet Picumnus squamulatus squamulatus
Greyish Piculet Picumnus granadensis antioquensis endemic to Colombia
Chestnut Piculet Picumnus cinnamomeus cinnamomeus
Subfamily - Picinae    
Yellow-tufted Woodpecker Melanerpes cruentatus
Red-crowned Woodpecker Melanerpes rubricapillus rubricapillus
  * Bennett's Woodpecker Campethera bennettii bennettii
  * Bennett's Woodpecker Campethera bennettii buysi
  Nubian Woodpecker Campethera nubica nubica
New - 06.09.15 * Golden-tailed Woodpecker Campethera abingoni suahelica
  * Golden-tailed Woodpecker Campethera abingoni abingoni
  * Golden-tailed Woodpecker Campethera abingoni anderssoni
  Knysna Woodpecker Campethera notata monotypic, endemic to South Africa
  Brown-eared Woodpecker Campethera caroli caroli
Updated - 06.09.15 Ground Woodpecker Geocolaptes olivaceus monotypic, endemic to South Africa
  * Cardinal Woodpecker Dendropicos fuscescens fuscescens
  * Cardinal Woodpecker Dendropicos fuscescens intermedius
  * Cardinal Woodpecker Dendropicos fuscescens massaicus
  * Bearded Woodpecker Dendropicos namaquus namaquus
  * Bearded Woodpecker Dendropicos namaquus coalescens
  * Bearded Woodpecker Dendropicos namaquus schoensis
Yellow-crested Woodpecker Dendropicos xantholophus monotypic
Elliot's Woodpecker Dendropicos elliotii elliotii
Grey-headed Woodpecker Dendropicos spodocephalus spodocephalus
Olive Woodpecker Dendropicos griseocephalus griseocephalus
Brown-backed Woodpecker Dendropicos obsoletus ingens
Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker Dendrocopos moluccensis monotypic
* Grey-capped Woodpecker Dendrocopos canicapillus canicapillus
* Grey-capped Woodpecker Dendrocopos canicapillus kaleensis
Stripe-breasted Woodpecker Dendrocopos atratus atratus
Great Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos major pinetorum
  Scarlet-backed Woodpecker Veniliornis callonotus major
  Little Woodpecker Veniliornis passerinus olivinus
  Checkered Woodpecker Veniliornis mixtus mixtus
  Red-rumped Woodpecker Veniliornis kirkii cecilii
  * Golden-olive Woodpecker Colaptes rubiginosus alleni
  * Golden-olive Woodpecker Colaptes rubiginosus gularis
  Crimson-mantled Woodpecker Colaptes rivolii quindiuna
  Spot-breasted Woodpecker Colaptes punctigula ujhelyii
  Green-barred Woodpecker Colaptes melanochloros nigroviridis
  Campo Flicker Colaptes campestris campestris
Lineated Woodpecker Dryocopus lineatus lineatus
Laced Woodpecker Picus vittatus monotypic
* Common Flameback Dinopium javanense intermedium
* Common Flameback Dinopium javanense javanense
Bay Woodpecker Blythipicus pyrrhotis annamensis