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our challenge

Often one gets a little blasé about the wildlife close to where you live as you get to see it so regularly, but once one sits down and works out when last you have seen certain things, you can actually be quite surprised by just how long ago it was...

To this end, we have set ourselves a little challenge to try and catch up with as many of the birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs within our home province, the Western Cape. Not only is this to reacquaint ourselves with the local wildlife, it is also to try and prove to people that there is actually a rather large variety of biodiversity available in the Western Cape and that you don't really have to travel elsewhere to see lots of wildlife! It was quite surprising when we sat down to work out the list of possible species just how many species are available (including introduced species and vagrants) in this area. The table below will show our progress on how many species we have seen and photographed within the province and the percentage of the overall total that we have achieved. If you click on one of the group names linked in red below (Birds, Mammals, Reptiles or Frogs), that will link you through to the group page which will show our progress within that group out of the full list of species available in the province.

On the group pages (click on the names highlighted in red), all species that have been seen (since the beginning of 2010) will have a tick next to them and, if we have managed to get a photo within the province (since the beginning of 2010), it will be included below the species name as well.

As at 09 August 2021
  Current total seen Out of possible % achieved   Current total photographed Out of possible % achieved
Overall total 724 991 73,06%   696 991 70,23%
Birds 498 612 81,37%   479 612 78,27%
Mammals 95 178 53,37%   88 178 49,44%
Reptiles 89 142 62,68%   87 142 61,27%
Frogs 42 59 71,19%   42 59 71,19%
A map showing where all our sightings have been recorded across the province so far:
Red = Birds, Blue = Mammals, Green = Reptiles, Yellow = Frogs