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dragon- and damselfly families
The taxonomy for dragon- and damselflies used on this website is based on the World Odonata List as prepared by Schorr, Lindeboom and Paulson on behalf of the Slater Museum of Natural History. For those who might be interested, additional information on this database of Odonata taxonomy can be found at www.ups.edu/x6140.xml. Whilst we have tried to stay in line with this list as far as possible, there are a few minor amendments which we have made based on information gleaned from elsewhere.

This website is regularly updated with new photos (both improvements on existing species as well as additional species not featured before) and, where there have been updates, an indication will be given next to the link below.

Currently, the Odonata section is made up of 7 families (out of a possible 36 families) comprising a total of 62 species

  Gomphidae  -  Clubtails
(4 species)
  Aeshnidae  -  Hawkers and Emperors
(2 species)
  Libellulidae  -  Skimmers, Darters and Perchers
(36 species)
  Chlorocyphidae  -  Jewels
(1 species)
  Synlestidae  -  Malachites
(3 species)
  Lestidae  -  Spreadwings
(2 species)
  Coenagrionidae  -  Narrow-winged Damselflies
(14 species)