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28 may 2011 - mauritzbaai

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News had broken earlier in the week of a Roseate Tern present in the tern roost at Mauritzbaai and, as this would be a great species to get for the challenge, we decided to chase it. We joined Cliff and Suretha Dorse and headed up there this morning. Arriving at the tern roost, we quickly picked up the bird in amongst the others which included Caspian, Swift, Sandwich, Common and Antarctic Terns. We only had about 10 minutes with the birds before the heavens opened and it started bucketing down. Needless to say, we ran back to the car and it pretty much put an end to the rest of the day for us, but we had managed to find our target so all was not lost!

Roseate Tern
Antarctic Tern