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16 june 2011 - klipheuwel

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We joined Barrie Rose and Cliff and Suretha Dorse this evening for a little jaunt out to Klipheuwel where the main target was to try and find Cape Caco for our challenge list. Fortunately, there were quite a few of them around although, in total, we only actually found 2 animals but heard lots calling!!. Margaret also managed to keep up her frogging tradition of ending up soaked when she somehow managed to fall into a pond that we were scanning for frogs! Thank goodness for leather seats in the car that aren't affected by her wet clothes... As we were leaving, we were also lucky to find a single Sand Toad, a bonus species for our challenge list, so all in all, a successful little outing.

Cape Caco
Sand Toad
Full list of species recorded at Klipheuwel
Links to pages with additional photos highlighted in red
Common Name Scientific Name
Frogs - 4 species  
Sand Toad Vandijkophrynus angusticeps
Cape Caco Cacosternum capense
Flat Caco Cacosternum platys
Clicking Stream Frog Strongylopus grayii